Theater of Tomorrow—The Upcoming Performing Arts platform






         “明日剧场”即将运动捕捉与游戏引擎(unreal)相结合创作虚拟现实沉浸式剧场。计划为戏剧、舞蹈、杂技等表演形式提供虚拟版本的编创和表演平台,同时也兼具博物馆的功能,使全世界的观众都能借助智能手机、电脑、VR眼镜等设备在云端游历其中。并通过运动捕捉、红外摄像头等交互设备参与其中。于此同时,制作单位还可以设立XR剧场(XR Stage),通过网络为虚拟直播间(使用绿幕或LED屏幕和XR技术)生成的虚拟拍摄内容提供平台。




      (2)它不仅仅是剧场,还是虚拟博物馆、公共社交空间等等。观众能在虚拟空间中选择、定制自己的替身,可爱的卡通形象,美丽的芭蕾舞明星等等,结交志同道合的朋友。 “明日剧场”具有虚拟博物馆的功能“明日剧场”使异地创作者能在虚拟空间中共同完成舞台创作 。

      (3)表演和创作教学。  在虚拟空间中,学生和表演爱好者可以通过廉价的交互设备跟随老师学习表演、编创。“明日剧场”可以提供虚拟剧场舞台环境,可以是赛博朋克“Cyberpunk”风格超现实的表演空间,也可以是坐落在水乡古镇的戏台……通过设置交互体验给观众身临其境的感观体验。  



 The Theater of Tomorrow

      “Tomorrow Theatre” (Theater of Tomorrow)is a performance platform which doesn’t exit in the physicalworld. This innovated virtual theater challenges  the limitation of the interactive activities betweenthe visual-Audio senses and the in-person experience. The exhibition is hosted bythe network in the cloud. Through digital technology, the size of the virtual performercan be freely scaled up or down in the three-dimension space . The performer’sbody can be zoom in and out in the space smoothly. The audience's perspective can be positionedanywhere in the virtual space,bring the audience different sensesof visuality.They would have very intenseand authentic immersive experience.

         "Theatre of Tomorrow" is a virtual realityimmersive theater that combines motion capture and game engine (unreal)technologies. This project provides a virtual version of the choreography andperformance platform for the drama, dance, acrobatics and other performing arts.It also functions as a museum exhibition, so that the audience worldwide can attendthe show at internet web cloud through their smart phones, computers, VRglasses and other devices. They can participate through the motion capture,infrared cameras and other interactive devices to participate . Meanwhile, theproduction can set up a XR Stage, which provides a platform for broadcastingthe content from virtual live studio (using green screen or LED screen and XRtechnology) through the internet.

        "Theatre of Tomorrow" has the following functions and features:

        (1). Breaking the limitations of space and time, creators from different eographic locations can work together in a virtual community with virtual characters to complete the art projects for the virtual stage, which would permanently be preserved in the form of digital assets in the cloud or hard drive. Through post productions, these archived art projects can be represented in different art forms such as games, animation and movies. Audiences can watch or even "walk into the theater" at home through VR glasses, tablets and other digital devices. 

        (2). “Theatre of Tomorrow" is not only a theater, but also a virtual museum, public social live venue and so on. The audience can choose and customize their own character in the virtual space, which can be a cute cartoon image such as Ne zha, Monkey King, a beautiful ballerina, etc.. They have tremendous opportunities to make friends with like-minded others.“

     (3)Performing practice and teaching.  In the virtual space, students and amateur performers can learn to perform and choreograph with teachers through cost-effective interactive devices. "Theatre of Tomorrow" can provide a virtual theater stage environment: a cyberpunk style surreal performance space, a theater stage located in the old water town...... by setting up an interactive system to give the audiences immersive sensory experiences.    

         "Theatre of Tomorrow" includes an offline interactive device and an online application APP (copyright software). 

概念设定(Concept Design)

线下装交互置1( Offline Installation Version )

线下装交互置2( Offline Installation Version )



导演:吴振  Zhen Wu

概念设计:杨志 ZhiYang


技术总监:黄石 Shi Huang

艺术指导:Tony Brown




Received seed funding support from the Future Design Institute of Beihang University




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